Decades of Traffic

Published | 10-21-2020

Your roof may not be a living, breathing organism, but it still has a lifespan you need to keep in mind during construction. And in spite of its sky-high location at the apex of your building, your roof is sure to absorb a fair amount of foot traffic that, if not accounted for, can compromise its integrity, diminish longevity, and ultimately cost you a lot in repairs.

From the possibilities of punctures during initial construction, to damage during routine maintenance, to daily public-use—and so many other reasons for regular foot traffic—year after year, decade after decade, your roof is guaranteed to take a beating.

That’s where a rigid cover board like DensDeck® Prime Roof Board with EONIC Technology™ comes in. Our roof cover board protects the membrane and roof assembly from the impact of equipment weight and the increased foot traffic that comes with its maintenance. Plus, a third-party research study shows that roofs with a cover board have a greater likelihood to last four years longer than those without.*

Here are just a few reasons to consider DensDeck® Prime Roof Board for long-lasting, proven protection against foot traffic:

Cover board—right at roof assembly
When constructing your roofing system, the last thing you want to do is compromise your hard work due to accidental punctures. DensDeck® Prime Roof Board stiffens and stabilizes the roof system to protect against punctures and resist impact. By distributing weight comprehensively, the board can help to maintain the expected R-value of your insulation. What happens when you don’t protect your insulation? You’re risking compression, which negatively affects the thermal heat regulation of your building. And one last reason to install a cover board to your roof assembly: your waterproofing membrane. Cover board supports the waterproofing membrane with a smooth adherent surface, making for the perfect pair.

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Protection during maintenance and repairs
There’s no question, your roof is going to have regular visitors. Even if not designed for social or public use, you’re sure to have maintenance and repair visits that require foot traffic, and even heavy equipment. By installing DensDeck® Prime Roof Board from Georgia-Pacific, you’re safeguarding against added maintenance and repair work stress that can have a damaging impact on unprotected insulation and stretch or puncture the membrane.

Safeguard the future of your roof today
Georgia-Pacific DensDeck® Prime Roof Board not only enhances the overall assembly of your roof at the point of construction but also ensures its strength and support for decades. Whether your roof space supports HVAC storage, accommodates photovoltaic (solar) paneling, or any other reason for regular usage, the rigid DensDeck® Prime cover board provides durability against increased weight and frequent use.

You want peace of mind with every part of your building. And your roof is no exception. By investing in quality Georgia-Pacific Building Products, like DensDeck® Prime Roof Board for roof assembly, you’re protecting against decades of foot traffic and safeguarding against costly repairs. Learn more about this superior cover board by visiting

*According to an FMI Research Study conducted in 2020.

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Want to learn more about cover boards? Have a new roof construction project? Need assistance on a roof remodel?


Want to learn more about cover boards? Have a new roof construction project? Need assistance on a roof remodel?