The big benefits of installing cover board on your roof.

Published | 10-21-2020

When you think of areas in your build that are susceptible to heavy, potentially damaging foot traffic, your roof is often overlooked. While it’s the top of your build, it may not be top of mind when it comes to considering how you can safeguard against impact.

Consider this: Roofs with a cover board installed in the assembly last, on average, 4 years longer than those without.* And, it’s not just life expectancy that justifies the investment in a quality roof cover board from Georgia-Pacific. According to a third-party study, the use of a roof cover board, such as DensDeck® Prime Roof Board with EONIC Technology™, may result in up to 65% lower O&M costs over 20 years and up to $90,000 in savings over that same period.* That’s a lot of money.

Crafted to PRESERVE
A cover board is the perfect complement to your waterproofing membrane. By installing DensDeck® Prime Roof Board to your roofing system, you’re creating a smooth substrate that supports the waterproofing membrane and provides the perfect balance of strength and flex. Test after test, DensDeck® has outperformed alternative methods. After a 2-hour soak test, it was 267% stronger than gypsum fiber and 87% stronger than alternative coated glass mat.**

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Designed to PROTECT
A roof without a cover board is just asking for trouble when it comes to insulation. Frequent roof traffic can compress unprotected insulation, causing degradation and lowered R-values. DensDeck® Prime Roof Board is specifically designed to mitigate the risk of foot traffic and compressing polyiso insulation boards. The result: You’ll get the R-value you signed up for over the life of the roof.

Built to PERFORM
If your building is designed with solar panels, you need DensDeck® Prime Roof Board to ensure quality performance of photovoltaic roofing equipment. At 900 psi with second-to-none compressive strength and dimensional stability, a DensDeck® cover board easily supports the weight of heavy solar equipment. And, when it comes to regular maintenance and any new PV equipment that needs to be added, it is up to the task each and every time.

When it comes to protecting your roof assembly with DensDeck® Prime Roof Board, the proof is there. Whether it’s a great return on investment or the peace of mind that it will preserve, protect and perform to your expectations—a DensDeck® cover board is the only cover board that can save your roof from the impact of foot traffic. Learn more about our superior cover board by visiting

*According to an FMI Research Study.
** Third-party testing of 1/2” boards conducted by Trinity ERD in Columbia, South Carolina in October 2016 and December 2017. Testing conducted in accordance to ASTM C473 to meet ASTM C1177.

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Want to learn more about cover boards? Have a new roof construction project? Need assistance on a roof remodel?


Want to learn more about cover boards? Have a new roof construction project? Need assistance on a roof remodel?